24in48 Challenge: food related reads

My stepmom is an amazing chef, expert musicologist and avid reader. She has an entire wall at home dedicated to cookbooks and food related books. Conversely, I never considered cookbooks as a entertaining read, the same way I never saw myself as someone who could cook. But when I saw Cravings in the bookstore a... Continue Reading →

24in48 read: The Proposal

I love reading romance. I read a lot of it before I went away for college and miss that experience a lot. I was in the midst of a terrible....let's call it a "relationship", where it seemed we in a cycle of hurting each other as much as we could and then later, holding on... Continue Reading →

24in48: Book 2 and a challenge

Hey y'all I'm starting book two: The Proposal by Jasmine Guillory. I loved the Wedding Date so I'm excited to read this one especially because I loved Carlos as a side character. He seems like a great guy. For the 24in48 challenge, I'm posting the dedication for this book here. I liked this one because... Continue Reading →

24in48 Read: Electric Arches

I've had this for ages - and decided this time was a perfect time to read it. So much of it reminds me of being a little girl and so much reminds me of that awful adolescent and painful early adulthood I lived through. We are nothing alike, but I see myself in these pages.... Continue Reading →


Another weekend, another AWESOME readathon. This time it's 24 in 48 where you read as much as you want and can over a 48 hour period. The big goal is to read a total of 24 hours. Starting at 12:01 Saturday morning (EST) I will be reading my little heart out. I got audiobooks for... Continue Reading →

There There and Drunk History

It always seems to me that historical knowledge comes in waves when picked up for, "discovery" and discussion. I read There, There a few m months ago and while I took the characters stories as events that mirror those of indigenous people living in America, I left it at that. This shows me, that my... Continue Reading →

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