The Regional Office is Under Attack

When I first heard of this book, the blurb was something like this: what if super powerful assassins stormed your office and you had a bionic arm?

While that is a very small part of the story, it does setup a powerful image in your head and it’s what made me pick up this audiobook.

This story is a rare one full of character study of amazing people in extraordinary situations with exciting action scenes but yet the legendary, epic battles are often off the page. For me, this left me wanting more – to get the full and complete history of the Regional Office, especially now that I know the players in the game. It’s kind of like the Office, except people die, there’s a lot of cursing and all the women have awesome super powers.

I hope the author comes out with more, or even just releases some short stories set in the world because I can’t get enough of robot punching. I enjoyed this book so much that I want a physical copy so I can back and reread really specific parts.

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