On the Libby site for Brooklyn Public Library, you can see the latest recommendations from the librarians and this month there was an awesome focus on Pride Month. An ebook that caught my eye was Drama by Raina Telgemeier – a lovely middle grade graphic novel about kids doing the spring musical – and instead of just focusing on the actors – this gem has its heart with the stage crew. I finished that so fast, I was still yearning for a bit of pre-teen/teen angst and romance so I started poking around on the site for another ebook and stumbled onto Runaways. I did think it was a graphic novel/comic but it was actually a novella. Although the form wasn’t what I was looking for – the content was spot on! Angsty teens with super powers (or extremely competent) with huge chips on their shoulders and constantly on the move was just the summer escape I needed. I honestly wasn’t a big fan of the way the plot worked out but I still really enjoyed the story. It’s angst is warranted for teens escaping a lifetime of lies from their parents and a world of superhero’s with good intentions and lots of failure to help. There are some amazing friendships displayed on the page as well as some in progress. The romance is sweet and honest and made me feel back as if I was first in love and figuring it all out. If there are other books in the series I would definitely check them out.

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