Books = connecting the world around me


*images from respective book websites

I saw something online, where a witchy technique of book magic, is used to discern advice for a moment in your life. I thought this was pretty cool, as I tend to correlate lots of things in my life to what I am reading at the moment or a book that stuck with me. A few weeks ago I saw the Nutcracker Rouge ( and imagined it through the lens of Queen of The Night by Alexander Chee – an operatic, saga about a woman living in Paris at the height of ostentatiousness of 19th century Paris. The set and costumes, the almost nude bodies, entrancing smoke and fragrance in the air all the novel even more vivid for me. It made me want to redesign our bedroom in baroque style – all velvet and deep rich colors. Similarly, a friend treated me to a Brazilian dance performance at BAM ( last Friday. The use of the color blue and the dramatic set along with the modern dance elements all brought to mine my current science fiction read – The Sparrow. The novel has been one lined to “Jesuits in Space” with a cover of gorgeous blue color and is so evocative of grace and beauty – I correlated it with modern Brazilian dance. Does anyone else do this?  How porous is your reading life and does it impact your feelings about the book or rather impact the event or thought you’d had?

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