Book Challenges – 2018

2018’s Book Challenges


I actually am not actively participating in any challenges, but I am setting some goals for my reading life in 2018. down my bookshelf: I have so many unread books on my bookcase – it’s awful!

How did I do? TERRIBLE!! I have no impulse control over book buying, I need a good old fashioned book ban. 120 books this year – definitely ambitious

HAHAHA not even close! I read 84 books in 2018. I definitely did not live up to my reading potential in 2018. 25% of books set outside the US

Did I read 21 books set outside of the US? I did! I read about 25 books set outside of the US. But they were mostly in England….so I think I need to be more specific in my geography.

4.try to finish the 2018 Book Riot Challenge

I MISSED BY ONE BOOK. I didn’t cry when I realized this on Dec 31 but I wanted to!

I also want to get back to blogging, making videos and stepping up my instagram game.

What about you?

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