24in48 read: The Proposal

I love reading romance. I read a lot of it before I went away for college and miss that experience a lot. I was in the midst of a terrible….let’s call it a “relationship”, where it seemed we in a cycle of hurting each other as much as we could and then later, holding on as…friends? Obligation? Hope?

Anyway, I made an amazing group of friends over the last few years where each person loves romance – each with their own particular zest for sub-genre. I didn’t really have a genre, if it was romance and came recommended, I’d read it. After reading the Proposal I realize now that a huge plus in romance is humor and food. If I get hungry, you’ve won! If you make me laugh out loud, you’ve won. The Proposal does both. To be transparent – I was super looking forward to this one because I had already fallen in love with the hero of this one, Carlos, as a side character and friend In Guillory’s first novel, The Wedding Date. Carlos does not disappoint and neither does his love interest Nik. I love Nik, I love her friend’s and I love all the food everyone eats in the story.

I’m hoping for two more books in the series that focuses on Nik’s friends Charlotte and Dana – both of them are hilarious and wonderful and would make awesome leads in their own stories.

This was a great book two for 24in48.

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