Bout of Books 24 – Day 4

Hey y’all!

Man this was a crazy day – but I’m so close to finishing this readathon!

Today’s challenge is below and don’t forget to visit Bout Of Books on Twitter, Instagram and the blog for updates and new challenges.


Synopsis Rewrite

Take a favorite book and re-write the synopsis (book description) from the point of view of the non-main character/focus. e.g. Harry Potter from the view of Draco, The Hunger Games from the view of Peeta

Bird Box

My brother and I grew up all alone with our mother in a quiet world. Our mom would teach us fun lessons to use our hearing while blindfolding is. She always told us that one day soon we’d take a long trip on the river that runs behind our house. Today is the day!

I finished Bird Box! Whew – I was super freaked out by the book but since I’m a huge wuss that’s not a huge surprise!

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