Bout of Books 24 – Day 2

Hey ya’ll!

It’s day 2 and I spent much of last night (I couldn’t sleep) and this morning (I was on a bus ride from Boston to NYC) just reading. So, I got to finish book number 3 of the year! I was reading Alice Isn’t Dead, which started as a podcast on the Nightvale Presents network a few years ago. The book is different from the podcast which was nice, but similar in many ways, which was comforting. It was like meeting an old friend and learning a bit more about them, and they world they live in. To be honest, I think I own every book originating from the NightVale Presents world: Welcome to Nightvale, It Devours!, and the transcripts of the first two seasons of Welcome to Nightvale. Above all, these books are about humans, the world around us and those who either examine the weird or just accept it into their lives.

The bout of books challenge for today is “You are hosting an intimate dinner party for five of your favorite characters. Who do you invite and what food do you serve?”

Ifemelu – from Americanah, Prunella from Sorcerer to the Crown, Lucy from Lucy, the nameless narrator from Swing Time and Sophie from Howl’s Moving Castle. For dinner, I would start with an arugula salad with cranberries and a vinaigrette paired with soft rosemary bread with fresh butter and really good olive oil. Then a choice between an escovitch fish and crispy duck and yummy sides of farro and garlic mashed potatoes and kimchi. I would love to know what they are reading and their latest hobbies. I bet these women are hilarious and would be hilarious in talking about the latest news. Tell me who you would love to host a dinner for.














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