2017 Book Challenges

2017’s Book Challenges

Update: Sadly, although I met (and surpassed) my Goodreads challenge (108 out of 52)

It’s obvious that I love to read. But being avid reader isn’t enough for me. I want to not only read all the new books I can but also explore the world in a meaningful and personal way. When it’s just me and bookstore shelf, I tend to read the same type of literature, so trusting to my own devices isn’t going to cut it. As a result, I try to pick a few reading challenges, all with different intentions and authors to widen my reading selections. I’ll try any reading challenge I come across and check in each month on my progress.

For 2017 I am doing a few challenges:

  1. The Book Riot Read Harder Challenge (Link to editable PDF)
  2. The Pop Sugar 2017 Challenge (downloadable PDF)
  3. The Modern Miss Darcy Read Challenges (there are three options) (downloadable PDF )
  4. The Litsy Bingo Challenge
  5. The Litsy A-Z Challenge
  6. The GoodReads Challenge – which is simply to read 52 books this year (which I already hit)

While it seems like a lot, I am a cheater and use one book to meet multiple goals, so really, as long as I can keep up with the lists, I am sure to finish.

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