March Wrap Up

Let’s not talk about how far we are into 2018 and I feel like we just got here….

Instead let’s celebrate my quasi serious goal of 10 books a month for the year and to focus on reading down my TBR πŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸΎ

The Last Black Unicorn by Tiffany Haddish

This was so good! It turns out I have very specific interest in women comedian memoirs/autobiographies. Even still, Tiffany’s book stands out from the rest because you really can’t tell truth from fiction in this book and that’s 100% ok. Her life story is a crazy and compelling one because for every bad experience she has, she turns around and reaches for the gold. Tiffany would make for a great motivational speaker and if she had a morning show I would watch it. Also she has good celebrity stories.

Adua by Igiaba Scego

This is the beautiful and haunting story of two people desperate to take control of their lives from their parents and the life that results is nothing they expect. I wish this was a bit longer or filled out – I felt that some connecting bits were left out and it could help develop the characters more. Overall, beautiful story of the expression and effects of colonialism, immigration, racism and love.

Hundred Thousand Kingdoms by N.K. Jemisin

Whew boy! When we talk about fantasy THIS is what we are talking about. Gods, old grudges, magic, war, despair….this book has it all. If you have ever wanted to visit a floating castle where gods walk the halls, where murder and intrigue lie around every corner and where magic and beauty co-exist with death and horror, this is the book for you. In this first novel of The Inheritance Trilogy, a woman is summoned from her home by her aging Grandfather, the ruler of the world. She has no idea why she has been summoned, or what ancient and complicated secrets will play out from her arrival, but she’s determine to understand her new life no matter what.

The Brothers Minster Series by Courtney Milan

I started reading this “boxed” (it was on my Kindle) set of romances last year but only just finished the last two novels recently. I loved this SO much – Courtney Milan knows to create a slow burn romance between the most unlikely characters and always has a wonderful secondary romance brewing in the background. This series deserves it’s own review but needless to say – I loved it!

An American Marriage by Tayari Jones

I mean let’s be honest – this is already one of my favorite books of 2018. Her characters are flawed, beautiful and compelling. The plot is well paced – developing back story and present day events with ease. Nothing is simplified, no one is overlooked or reduced to a stereotyped. There is no easy answers or satisfying moment, no tidy summations. It is a hopeful and gorgeous piece of art – which is to say, messy and glorious. GO READ IT!!!

Corregidora by Gayle Jones

If you are looking for a classic novel that will unnerve and hurt you, this is a great pick. On the surface, this is a book about a singer, trying to escape the darkness both within herself and the life around her. Beneath that, it is a unflinching depiction of the mess of slavery, both on the physical and mental level. It shows how deeply the pain and depair of slavery is etched into a person, often wearing their brains into pathways and stories we can’t begin to imagine.

Stay with Me by Ayobami Adebayo

I mean, if you know me, you know I love sad and depressing books. So, here is another book that is at once beautiful and lyrical yet haunting and hard to turn away from. In this story, a young man and woman come together in marriage. But when their marriage never resolves itself into parenthood, tradition bears down upon them. Set against the backdrop of a Nigeria in flux, the main characters in the book take turns telling their side of the story where it is easy to place blame but hard to pinpoint where everything fell apart.

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur by Amy Reeder and Brandon Montclare

Take one young girl with a big secret, enormous intelligence, limitless talent and burning desire to fit in, add in a dinosaur with a huge attitude and a bad temper, mix in a group of villains who oddly blend into lower Manhattan rather quickly for a group living in an ancient world and you’ll have this fun, roller coast of a comic. I never heard of the main characters before, but it makes me want to read more of the lesser known Marvel Universe characters.

Silver Silence by Nalini Singh

First things first – I have never read a paranormal romance before, so honestly I had no idea what to expect. I really enjoyed this first in a series (the Psy-Changeling Trinity) within a series (the Psy Changeling Series). I was able to quickly get into this new world but seeing the obvious previously told romances sprinkle the pages. made me want to go back to the beginning. This story focuses on a Psy named Silver who is a powerful and important person in the changing face of her world. When Silver is poisoned, her admirer (a bear changeling) Valentin rushes into action and sets off a chain of events that uncover long buried secrets and dangers for the both of them.

We are Legion (we are bob) by Dennis E Taylor

This is a cute and silly sci-fi that focuses on a man from twenty first century earth who dies in his prime and is reawakened in a world that is familiar but vastly changed centuries into the future. He is a consciousness without a body, but a mission – go into space and find someplace for future humans to live. That all sounds easy enough, but just getting into space is the first challenge in a long road to the rest of the galaxy.Β  The first in a series entitled Bobiverse.

Dreamland burning By Jennifer Latham

I had picked up this Netgalley read a while ago, but something in the first few pages turned me off. This time though, I pushed through and I am glad I did because I really enjoyed it. A bi-racial teen and her best friend explore the mystery of a dead body uncovered underneath her home in modern Tulsa. A bi-racial man a hundred years before enacts hatred, racism and jealousy with far reaching consequences. Their stories are told side by side, racing to a conclusion where their lives intersect and each questions the times they live in, their place in society and how society views those around them. This book is refreshing because both main characters are flawed and work to redeem themselves in ways you may not expect.



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